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>> he is on life support while they're family says their goodbyes. his gunshot injury to the neck is on recoverable. we have been of this call ken walnut creek all day long.
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here is video of the ambulance that hold up. you can see those from the distance. in the ambulance is hard outside of the medical center shortly after the shooting occurred early this morning. again, it was quite this situation, that ambulance was outside for some time. maureen kelly has been out here all day as well. she has been talking to officials curiouser >> it is a difficult situation.
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>> the chp says there are grateful for the support they're getting from outside law enforcement. >> we appreciate the calls of concern for from the public, the media in every family and friends that has supported their concerns towards us. we thank you. >> again, the officer is in critical condition. his name has not been released. officials say he is trying to tell family members about what is going on. those officers and officials tell us that he is on life-support. >>pam: friends arriving at the home of the wounded officer today with flowers and gifts but there was no one home to
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answer the door. neighbors were shocked to hear news of the shooting. they say the officer is a great father to his children and that it was only one week ago that he was talking about the dangers of his job. >> it is always a worry going to work every day. >> the traffic implications of the close of that has been in effect since the early morning hours are still compounded despite the fact that northbound lanes have been open for several hours. there are at least some lanes available in the stock on direction.
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this is our live camera at the 24680 interchange. >> in the evening we usually see a bag of leading into walnut creek in the coming of the alamo 680 northbound but usually not as bad. the back of does not begin this far south. another problem as a result of the closure, because so much traffic was diverted onto 24 westbound it is still badly backed up from the orinda cross
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roads leading into the caldecott tunnel and then towards the macarthur maze. a lot of heavy traffic might otherwise be going eastbound on highway 24 is here on interstate 580 west and here on the macarthur freeway west and southbound traffic on highway 13. a lot of traffic that want to go this way instead got diverted and trying to work its way here. expect extremely heavy conditions here at the castro valley why as well this afternoon. >>pam: frustrated drivers on a 680 found themselves stuck in a traffic nightmare for hours earlier today. this is what it looked like for those motorists trapped behind their steering wheel. no end to the traffic backup in sight.
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causing >> in some cases, drivers like this man actually put his car in reverse and backed down the on ramp at mount diablo boulevard. others' patiently waited for the opportunity and made their way across several lanes south to exit the on ramp. kai
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>> people started sending as pictures of the back up. days are pictures of 680 north and the foreground 680 south. in the back right here is where the shooting occurred. that jeep right there is the suspect's vehicle recall crash >> this is the team of police officers that showed up to support their brother in this situation. >> and east bay resident on
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his way to work says at first he was not sure what the noise was but then, he saw an officer shooting. >> i was in a soft top the vehicle. i looked over and there was a semi next to me, i thought that it was a the truck. i looked under the semi and the officer was already counts. i kept hearing the popping sound, i looked over the shoulder as the truck passed me and i saw a second officer behind the the vehicle tried to keep a safe distance, probably. he was firing repeatedly at the person in the car. >> were you concerned that you were going to get hit a? >> i was.
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>> it was sad and tragic to see the office of light. >> the witness says his thoughts go out to the officer's family. >> we encourage you to stay with kron4 as we continue to follow developments on the freeway shootings. we will have a live update at 530 ps via deacon also said the latest traffic conditions on our website, >> here is a live look outside this afternoon from the mt. tam cam. the fog is already rolling in off of the coastline. the fog has been fiercely dominant in with the exception near half moon bay. when the fog is already starting to roll into san francisco. tab as ranging from the '50s of the coastline to the '90s in our inland valleys. as we move into tomorrow we will start to see some changes,
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increasing cloud cover and high clouds as we see the remnants of tropical cyclone john making its way of the west coast. that will bring us the chance of spotting thunderstorms. >>pam: ahead at 5:00 p.m., continuing coverage of the chp officers shooting. we will go back live to walnut creek from a day plus, your facebook comments. the democratic national convention is under way in north carolina, we'll bring you the big speakers tonight as well as political analysis. >> it is official, apple has sent out invites to the press for a media event on wednesday of next week. this is when the next iphone will be unveiled. that is coming up in my tech report.
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>> the democratic national convention begins in carolina and. they're trying to and one-half of our differences with republicans agree >> highlight tonight, the first lady michelle obama. calls are showing a she is more popular than her husband. the president and final campaign speech in virginia saying that he will be watching have >>president obama: if one
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michelle start talking, i start getting teary eyed. i will try not to let fencing the cry. >> romney did the day of pope paul ryan was trying to diffuse if >> the choice of speakers for the conventions as first night priority. lough than a quarter ended at
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the convention a short time ago bill clinton will make his left as is the biggest beach tomorrow night. bob jacqueline bennett changes to the forecast as we move into tomorrow. >> a chance of thundershowers into tomorrow afternoon. temperatures are warmer into tomorrow afternoon. it will feel monday to thursday. partly cloudy conditions and a return to the normal the google summer time when our on friday with morning fog, afternoon sun and temperatures in the '70s and '80s. fog along the coast on this afternoon. as we take a wider view look, you'll notice cloud in is at the bottom of your screen.
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this will continue to push to the north. this is what we will see as we move into law. by noon tomorrow we will see cloudiness coming in from the south, which becomes a chance of thundershowers. well look suddenly in the north bay. by the 4:00 hour, we will see more rainfall. as we move into the 6:00 hour the activity moves through much of the no. 8. delegating moderate rainfall. by 8:00 it will this to the north even further. off as we move into their see morning, another a chance of thundershowers in fairfield. south of the golden gate a computer model kids everything clear. as we take a look at tavern is to not afternoon, mainly in in in in in the south bay. inland valleys on the warmer side as well.
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temperatures we a mix of 63 and 74. in the north bay to cover as running mainly in any deal. as living at the extended forecast come in cans of thundershowers tonight, a 20 percent chance mainly in the north bay. santa thursday we will keep the cloudiness in the forecast. it is quick, convenient and always on.
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hess off high cahow how how how has hah hull and >>george: because it's so much traffic is the means they heard it on the highway 24 24 wallet originally one has southbound we have to tread the traffic tried it was clear to the coffin out of och
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>> again, a real mess from commuters trying to navigate their way around these delays. we will have
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fishing fo
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>> act officer's job along 680 people on kron4 have been sending balts in prayer to the office all day long. take a look a what some of our viewers that to say.
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lotus has >>pam: here is a live picture of our developing story, this is over 680 near walnut creek where an officer involved shooting this morning left a suspect then it is now on a life-support.
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>>pam: continuing coverage of the shooting of a chp officer on the interested 680 near alamo in walnut creek this morning. >>pam: once southbound lanes of 680 is still blocked. to lanes opened an hour ago after being closed for much of the day. we'll have an update on the traffic situation and all the with george rask. first, dan kerman is live at the command post along the 680
5:30 pm
with an update on the investigation. >>dan: the ct shooting occurred about 830 a of the year it involved two different officers fully over this jeep wrangler, one of the officers' approach is the vehicle and for some reason to suspect opened fire. the chp investigator did not not at this point by the vehicle was pulled over, nor do they know why the officers were shot at. >> one of the officers contacted the driver. the driver then pulled out a gun and shot at that officer, severely injuring him. the officer was taken by ambulance to the medical center and is now in critical condition.
5:31 pm
>> the suspect is dead, the siege the officer critically wounded and not expected to survive. as a result, 680 in both directions has been shut down for most of the day. police are hoping to get information. they're hoping that the-court cameras will help. because this happened at the tail end of the morning commute there were plenty of drivers on the road and they're hoping no one of those drivers to give information to shed some light on this tragic situation. >> in the last few moments more lanes have been open on interstate 680 of the southbound direction. when we started to broadcast 30 minutes ago, only two of the lanes were open.
5:32 pm
according to the california highway patrol, all of the on grants to 680 south have been reopened as well. och >> here is a look at traffic on the walnut creek interchange but practically at a complete standstill. do not head in this direction. he should avoid the area as possible.
5:33 pm
och all paris year harass the driver is not expected to be sent in traffic in experience he related problems as
5:34 pm
temperatures started to rise, especially for those on the highway. >> i a.m frustrated and hot. >> i do not have enough gas and i think my car might overheat. but sham on my desk -- my wife just sent the message that there was a shooting. >> even if you get off of the freeway there is nowhere to go. he might as well over. >>pam: some drivers did pull over, and others made their way to the nearest on ramp and exited the freeway. stay with kron4 as we continue to follow developments on the freeway shooting near walnut creek. we will have a live update tonight coming up at 6:00 p.m..
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>> firefighters up and holding an around-the-clock vigil.
5:36 pm
>>pam: at davis and ryan or both among the first on the scene at age and santa clara.
5:37 pm
>>pam: decision 2012, you are looking at a live picture in charlotte north carolina. >> political analyst michael is here with us. >> what is it that democrats and the president have to do to succeed? >> the democrats know that 5%-6% are on shore. they have to make a move to define what president obama is going to be about. that is the big question.
5:38 pm
the most informed as the middle class. >> how is he going to get people pond of? >> that is what you see president obama going to college campuses. the republicans did a good job of solidifying their base. >>pam: the big speaker tonight, michelle obama.
5:39 pm
>> they are trying to connect with the american people. michelle obama will be trying to walk american people through what makes her husband take. >>pam: it seems as though the democrats were caught off guard with the question of are you better the were four years ago.
5:40 pm
>> i think what the democrats need to do are we better off than four years ago? >>pam: if you would like to connect with our political expert online, you can find him on line on twitter. he also has a political web site.
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[ male announcer ] sizzler's classic tri-tip and endless salad bar for $11.99. we start with tri-tip that's cut fresh daily, add in seasonal salads, soups, and sweet treats. sizzler. , a mosquito nimitz girls come >>pam: it is official, apple's
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net out official ino invites immediate inviting them to an event instead of this go next wednesday, that is where the company is expected to unveil the new iphone. the only thing in me know as this picture of the no. 12, the date of the event. above that, three words saying, it is almost here. if you look closely in front of the no. 12, the reflection is a number five, that hints towards the iphone fight. of course apple has said nothing about what will actually take place, so we asked our tech report, gabe slate, to examine all of the rumors. >> let's start with what i think we can count on. first, the name, the invite with shattered number five tells me that it will be 18 18 iphone 5. here is what leads the video of a possible prototype.
5:45 pm
kohen hah hah
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hah >>host: the biggest rumor of all this there's a lot of the people, the new iphone might come with a smaller fund. thirdthird
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>> here is where you can expect overnight, widespread fog with temperatures in the '50s fifth fifth we will see a slight warming with temperatures in the 70's 80's. increasing clouds tomorrow beginning at noon. he was excited is coming up from the south and taking over the area off with the possiblity of thundershowers especially in minority. moderate pushing near petaluma. by 6:00, spotty showers continue to the north bay.
5:48 pm
mostly cloudy conditions through the bay area with no raids by midnight. in fairfield another chance of thundershowers. that will start to clear it to thursday afternoon. temperatures tomorrow will be mainly in the '70s and '80s. inland valleys will be running pretty warm. here's a look at your extended forecast.
5:49 pm
>> our new bay area news channel is all about convenience. check in for up-to-the-minute weather in the disinformation. down here, we cycled through a bunch of cities shall be the current temperature in a particular place. these are always on the screen and always being suffocated. in missed the box there will be more weather information it is updates as well as a did traffic checks candlelighting video from bay area bridges.
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>>pam: a mixed ending for this first day of trading for the month, said the u.s. economy is weakening of the same time when china in europe are slowing down. the dow jones closed down 55 points ending at 13,036. the nasdaq finished up eight . eight. at 3079. that is thanks to apple's announcement today alluding to the iphone 5. the s&p fell two points. we will be right back.
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>>pam: is coming up we are following developing is. interstate 680 has reopened following a police officer seeing a shot in that area, the latest on that ahead. concerns over a new book about
5:57 pm
the military raid that al osama bin-laden. military officials are worried that the book could provide annamese the hinges inside. that in the coming back next. but
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>>pam: in a traffic nightmare for thousands of east bay commuters. >> i have been stuck in traffic for two hours. >>pam: kron4 team coverage covers the investigation, the officers condition into the best way to beat the backup. >>pam: developing news tonight at 6:00 p.m., you are looking live over highway 680 680.
6:00 pm
the freeway has finally reopened in both directions. this follows the shooting of a california highway patrol officer. as you can see, there is still activity on the side of the road associated with this morning's incident. fifth tonight, kron4 crews are standing by live. we have team coverage and j.r stone is at hall where the officer is being treated. dan kerman is joining us with latest on the investigation. >>dan: there are still plenty of questions as to why this chp hold over the air in the first place and why the driver fired on the chp. >> the driver of this regrettable. this happened after a shooting a 30 30 a.m tuesday morning. authorities say it all began
6:01 pm
when two chp officers and a separate peace corps the deep over. >> they all haag >> the northbound side as six
6:02 pm
in the open at about 1:00 p.m.. the sub downside opened at around 4:20 p.m.. but >>pam: that was the and hamas at the scene of the bill esteban is mixing 80 80 when th suspect into the officer exchanged gunfire. the officer is in the hospital tonight trying to hang on. he is on life support. earlier today, terisa estacio tracked down a witnesses says he could not believe what he was singing in front of his eyes. cotton and also on his way to work when all of a sudden, he heard a loud noise next to him on the freeway. >> i heard of being a. i thought it was the truck next to me misfiring.
6:03 pm
i looked under the semi and the officer was already down. i'll look over my shoulder as the truck passed me. i noticed a second officer on the a big man firing down into the rear of the g-force suzuki, whatever it was. because i was more or less of new-line a firearm wanted to get out of there. >> he immediately called his wife to let her know what happened. >> it was unbelievable. >> you could have gotten shot. >> i think anyone could have. it was right on a busy freeway. it could have very easily been more tragic.
6:04 pm
>>pam: our team coverage continues, the chp officer who was shot is currently the medical center in walnut creek. this is moments after his ambulance arrived at a hospital j.r stone has more lives for on-site hospital help. but a lot of this condition? >>pam: j.r stone at a hospital when the officer and has been to get his name has not been released publicly. officials want to make sure that all family members have been contacts have set addis us create the support of the wounded hospital however no blood was on since the door.
6:05 pm
the shattered cool
6:06 pm
hata as the senate only the state of but they're among 680 and alamo. this is out of walnut creek were high with the floor and 680 come together. the shooting happened along 680 south just north of the laguarta road exit. >>george: when lanes were closed during the clock hour this morning, it started backing up traffic in both directions to the san ramon valley. when the freeway was shut down into quite a while to free the
6:07 pm
vehicles that had been locked in the back of. these are current conditions. we are still dealing with a similar traffic jam back the northbound and southbound approaching the scene of the crash. this is traffic passing south main street. >>george: here is a live look. there, you can see for lanes moving past the scene. this is the northbound right, it is backed up into danville. southbound traffic is still backed up from well before highway 24 leading down to walnut creek and beyond.
6:08 pm
for a long time southbound traffic was being diverted onto 24 westbound. we still have a big backup trying to get through this single lane available in the westbound direction. the traffic has eased a bit for southbound 13 on to 580 but expect the traffic to remain heavier than usual here along to 38. it will probably be a lot of traffic. >>pam: traffic was a mess all morning long. after the freeway was blocked to commuters by law enforcement officials there was a rare sight, interstate 680 completely empty of vehicles. haaziq madyun has more. >>haaziq: the highway patrol not bothering to stop a vehicle driving the wrong way down a freeway on ramp?
6:09 pm
that was the scene following an officer involved shooting. thousands of vehicles were stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the freeway for hours. some frustrated drivers decided to their cars in reverse in the drive backward down the on ramp to escape the traffic nightmare. >> i'm hearing that the road is not reopening until 3:00 p.m. e-reader >> this man says he left his vehicle about a friend stuck in traffic a little further down the road. >> high temperatures today were quite warm for the inland valleys. upper 80s and 90s inland.
6:10 pm
goshawk or care where " temperatures already rolling back into san francisco. into tomorrow we will see increasing clouds through the afternoon and a 20 percent chance of shattered thunderstorms. the remnants of tropical cyclone john will be making their way into the bay area. >>pam: the first day of the democratic national convention is happening right now, you are looking live at the convention center in charlotte, north carolina. in just a little bit, the first lady will take the stage. a closer look at today's events and an analysis from the first lady will take the stage. a closer look at today's [ woman ]d an analysis from the ring. ring. progresso. i just finished a bowl of your new light chicken pot pie soup and it's so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? yes, ma'am. 100 calories. yea...i'm gonna need some proof. we get that a lot... let me put you on webcan...
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>>catherine: the gavel has dropped datasets seventh of all- butter case and on and a nighttime
6:14 pm
the data as and the president was in virginia to get in one final speech before charlotte. he goes to the democratic national convention on his own stand on what republicans did in tampa. >>president obama: they spent a long -- is that a lot of time talking about me, but not talking about you. >> a new poll on tuesday shows the president and mitt romney are tied at 40%. >> what republicans intend to do is reinvent history and and reinvent their party. they do not have ideas that their product or a vision. >> republicans are not willing to the but the narrative this week. phil mitt romney is preparing for upcoming debates and his running mate is making the rounds are doing that the president six uses of blaming bush for his problems is for outdated.
6:15 pm
>>pam: joining us now to talk about the democratic national convention, our political analyst. michelle obama will be coming up to speak this evening, reaching out to women was huge during the gop convention and is important for democrats. >> michelle obama has a different test. and romney was tried to convince people that her husband was a likable human being. people like president obama. the task of michelle obama all line people about why health care is such a big deal and remind people about what it is that got her husband to become president of the united states.
6:16 pm
>>pam: in order for democrats to move for, what are they going to have to do? >> mitt romney has solidified his base, it is all about the undecided middle. this is answering the question the republicans have placed squarely in from americans, are you better off. democrats have the answer, are we better off?
6:17 pm
>> there is a lot of diversity in the audience. >> this election is about turning out the base. democrats have to get fired up and get people out there. >>pam: you'd want uninterrupted commercial free coverage of the democratic national convention on our new news channel, comcast 193. >>jaqueline: we have some changes in the weather as we move into tomorrow. the remnants of tropical cyclone john moving of the coast in bringing has increased chances of thunderstorms. into thursday the cloudiness
6:18 pm
remains. friday we're back to our to the kobe area pattern of morning fog and afternoon sunshine and temperatures in the '70s and '80s. future tests showing of cloud and is increasing to the afternoon. by 6:00 p.m., the north it will continue to see the chance of thunderstorms. into midnight on thursday how cloudy skies. temperatures tomorrow mainly in the '70s and '80s. the inland valleys will be a little warmer and a couple spots.
6:19 pm
'60s and '70s for east bay shores. a chance of showers for the north bay. into friday into the weekend, the fog returns with sunshine in the afternoon and temperatures mainly in the '70s and '80s. >>vicki: our new 24-7 news channel is all about convenience. check in any time for five minutes or 15 minutes and get up-to-the-minute weather and news information. down here, we cycled through a bunch of cities showing in the current temperature, at the same time, canada and to the average is that cities 7 day forecast. these are always on the screen and always being updated. below the 7 day forecast is a news crawl with the latest headlines direct from the news of harry of
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hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true.
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...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ♪ the one and only, cheerios >>pam: with their 1600 cases nationally, western mild viruses that level not seen it thousand three. to bay area counties will be funded from the status to keep the virus at.
6:24 pm
in contra costa county, 40 mosquitos and 30 burdens have test positive for the virus. they will be spring in the eastern part of the county from 7:30 p.m.-11:00 p.m.. in santa clara county, near mountain view and los gatos, the fog in will start around 11:00 p.m.. vector control officials say the spray is not toxic to humans. >>jaqueline: here is a live look outside from the golden gate bridge camera. foggy conditions and changes coming to the forecast. details coming up.
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[ male announcer ] introducing sizzler's signature sandwiches. starting at $6.99. our tri-tip with hand-breaded onion straws, our crispy shrimp smothered in bang bang sauce, and tuscan chicken on focaccia. sizzler. >> the newly released firsthand account of the osama bin-laden raid, the book hit shelves today and now, military concerns that it could give enemies some dangers inside.
6:28 pm
apple is gearing up for a big announcement. the word is they you could see the effect if generation iphone, march more on that next.
6:29 pm
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♪ >> along interstate 680, a shooting happened on southbound 680 around 8:30 a.m.. two officers in separate vehicles pulled over a jeep wrangler. 1 of the officers are per the fifth aired was shot by the officer. the second officer then it shot the suspect. the suspect is dead and the officers critically injured, not expected to survive. the reason for the shooting is not known and it's the reason they pulled the driver over is not known. >> continuing coverage in san ramon, a witness tells kron4 that as he was driving to work
6:31 pm
tuesday morning, he heard a loud noise and the thought perhaps it was a truck backfiring but then looked over and saw an officer of rain down on the ground. he says that was all unbelievable. he says it could have been even more exotic other wholehearted seriously injured. cahow
6:32 pm
>> being strong for each other in times like this is important >>george: the traffic impact are still being felt by this incident even with four lanes go opened on the 680 southbound and all lanes open northbound, it is still a major traffic jam throughout alameda county.
6:33 pm
but >> continuing our coverage of southbound 680, drivers were stuck in traffic for hours as a result of the chp officer involved shooting. >> i have been stuck in traffic for two hours. iamb mighty hot.
6:34 pm
>> i a.m ready to get my job. >> it is hot, my car is hot. it might overheat. >> de you have enough gas? >> note. >>haaziq: on southbound 680 and walnut creek. >>gabe: that day apple fans have been waiting for is almost here, apple sent out official e-mail invites to the press inviting them to an event in san francisco next wednesday were they are expected to unveil the next iphone. the only thing in the e-mail was a picture of the no. 12 which is the date of the event, above that, three words, it's almost here.closely and from the no. 12, in the reflection there is a shadow of number five. that would seem to hit to the iphone 5. as always, apple has said nothing about what will take place but it is pretty well known that they will unveil the fifth generation iphone. >>jaqueline: --of tropical
6:35 pm
cyclone on make its way up the west coast. increasing clouds tomorrow with a 20 percent chance of scattered thunderstorms, temperatures in the '70s and '80s. an increasing clouds through the afternoon the chance of thundershowers activity.
6:36 pm
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>> we are very concerned if that classified information may be contained in this book. >> its a pentagon briefing have called for the former navy seal should have submitted his book for a prepublication review. >> when you have special operations units that perform these operations, their tactics, techniques and procedures not to mention human lives are in play. it is the height of irresponsibility and not have
6:41 pm
this kind of material checked off for a possible disclosure of classified information. >> his lawyers say he did not violate military secrecy. whether or not the controversy launches into a court battle, the three had a 46 page book is flying off the shelves displeasing previous amazon best-seller 50 shades of gray. there are no immediate plans to stop the book sales serious >>pam: coming up next, gary read it is back from vacation, he kicks off with some 49ers news and he is peppered with sports questions. i did not move, sports is coming up next.
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
>>gary: randy moss will start sunday for the 49ers against green bay. he was my used much during the exhibition season.
6:45 pm
randy moss and alex smith is supposedly have good working chemistry. this guy will one day be in the hall of fame. he will start for san francisco. michael crabtree will be the other wide receiver. manning him and williams are listed as backups. randy moss, earlier in the year the 49ers are listed as an underdog, 545 545 point underdo to a puckers. ice cube has been enlisted to perform the new raiders theme song.
6:46 pm
6:47 pm
>>gary: in usa, opening night. alabama pounded michigan. alabama is the number-one team in the is as depressed pulp.
6:48 pm
is the 86 time in the media poll that the top ranked team won at usc did a. alabama beaded it recognized power in michigan and hawaii not very good. the giants in a few minutes host arizona. the oakland a's and the angels again. cough
6:49 pm
>>gary: when we return, we'll talk about how overselling football seats for the opener of their reconfigured stadium. we will also be peppered by questions. catherine heenan is here with the questions.
6:50 pm
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>>gary: catherine heenan is joining us tonight. >> saturday cal open their season in the new renovated stadium, what is going on, how did they make such a mistake with seeds? hough
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
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6:57 pm
6:58 pm
one-on-one with first lady michelle obama as she makes her dnc speech. i'm brooke anderson at the democratic national convention. "the insider" is on. this is my first time seeing the convention center. >> here we are, convention time. inside mrs. obama's private dnc viewing suite. you and ann romney have been called secret weapons for your husbands' campaigns. what do you think about that? how she juggles supporting the president and the marriage. how do you find time for date night? >> we're missing date nights. plus, what role will the girls play in the convention? >> first week of high school.
6:59 pm
>> i love you, daddy. >> i love you. then, michael clarke duncan's fiancee in tears after his death. the valiant fight to keep him alive. how omarosa saved the "green mile's" star life. as we take you inside their love affair. >> michael clarke duncan is in total control of what happens with our nuptials. and "the view" today. mitt romney versus honey boo boo ratings. now from new york, "the insider" is on. welcome to "the insider" from new york city. i'm kevin frazier. more on the tragic passing of michael clarke duncan ahead in a moment. but first, we head to charlotte, north carolina, where our brooke anderson is at the democratic national convention. with much more on her day with the first lady. >> hi, kevin. i'm right in the thick of it. at the time warner cable arena. the headquarters of the democratic national convention, where it's all about first lady michelle obama tonight.

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